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    Ducklization consists of 9 nations (Ducknations) of different colors: white, yellow, orange, red, pink, green, blue, purple, black. As you explore the map, you will randomly discover the nations hidden within it. 

    To start a game, one must join a nation from those discovered up to that point. 

    It is possible at a more advanced stage of the game, that in order to discover some nations, it is necessary to be in possession of a technology (e.g., navigation). 

    The fate of each nation depends not only on the skill of the players, but also on the King’s willingness to evolve under some conditions rather than others (e.g., preferring troop building in pursuit of technology rather than focusing on improving productivity).

    When the game is started and several nations have been discovered, ordinary (non-King) players can change nations by joining one other than their own up to that point, when they are not on game turn. Assets will follow the user in changing nations.

    Each nation receives an equal share of the day’s production rewards, which will be bestowed on the nation’s wallet and the nation’s players according to their production power.

    A Ducknation can never be destroyed.