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December 2022 Report

    Hello everyone!!! Today we are inaugurating a new section of the site, aka the blog!

    Starting from this we will be publishing a monthly update article about the development of Ducklization!

    So let us now recap what has been done and what is planned for the upcoming months!

    What has been done?

    The MainNet is up and running regularly. Several problems that appeared in the early stages have been solved. There is still some things to be adjusted but the development team is hard at work to fix everything.

    Almost all the rewards have been distributed, unfortunately some reports have been lost and we are trying to figure out how to deal with that. So please, if you’re still missing rewards hold on a bit more.

    Ducklipedia has been published, along with a step-by-step guide regarding basic game actions.

    In addition, the team was reorganized and strengthened and the player support chat service was inaugurated.

    After that, the whole development roadmap was planned for 2023, with implementation of some functions and fine tuning to improve the game according to the feedback from testing.

    What’s on the agenda?

    – Distribution of rewards: we want to conclude the issue of pending rewards as soon as possible.

    – New contests: a new contest will be launched next week whose purpose is to increase the users’ pool of Ducklization. More than 20k SHEGs will be up for grabs!

    – Technology tree release: upcoming technological advancements available to Ducknations will be made public after the “warrior code level 3” technology will be discovered.

    – Advertising: we are building a network of players online and in the real world, a real community, but it will be our job to boost this process through paid advertising as well.

    – Listing: we are ready to start our listing process, the first one ever will be requested on and then gradually we will advance!

    There will be no lack of surprises, stay glued to your screens, buy SHEG and build your empire! Big news will be upcoming in the next few months, the prehistoric era is about to end!!!