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Easy guide to start playing Ducklization

1. Create a TestNet account with Keeper at
Please, click on Get Started
Create a password and agree with the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, then click on Continue
Now change settings by choosing Testnet or Mainnet and create a new account
Choose a name for your account
Well done! Please, click on Finish button
2. Request Waves (testnet) at
Insert your TestNet Address and Request 10 Waves!
3. Report your participation on Telegram Channel (link) and pm the admin @ducklization_help to receive 10 SHEG (Testnet)
4. Go to and click on PLAY for a new game and select Testnet or Mainnet
First connect your wallet by choosing Waves Keeper
Choose a Nation and Join
You can now Buy Units and start to play!
Don’t forget to approve the payment
Your Unit has been placed on the Nation
Click on your Unit and select Movement button on the menu
Select Unit quantity and Confirm
Move your Unit by choosing the direction by clicking on tiles
Dark tiles are undiscovered parts… Have fun exploring the map!