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March 2023 Report

    Here we go again-what a month this past month has been!
    We ran into several unforeseen events that destabilized our plans for March 2023 and slowed down the project a bit, but let’s see what happened specifically:

    First, the team was unable to proceed with the game updates we had planned due to yet another problem with the Waves network! Following the Vires, NSBT, USDN and bear market issues that had already plagued us, now also the ETH gateway problem! It was not needed because it turns out to be blocked in this gateway the payments of an important trance for developers, a department that is currently at a standstill.
    So we trust the Waves team to resolve the situation and we are confident that a solution will be found soon, in the meantime we have to wait a bit. But we are hopeful! Finger crossed!

    In the meantime, we have posted the illustrated Ducklipedia on social media (see entire album on our FB page so as to make the information in the manual even more reachable and clear and started the promotion campaign this way.
    We apologize to players in case they encountered any problems. It has been a turbulent few days for the team but we are not giving up and will do everything to keep going despite the difficulties. For now stay updated and active… the community needs you players more than ever!

    Stay tuned! #keeponlovingsheg