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3 – MAP

    The Ducklization world map consists of 603,729 tiles (777×777) representing different types of terrain (grassland, forest, desert, swamp, steppe, mountain, glacier, sea, stream, lake, etc.).

    Initially, only the portion of the map around the starting nation is visible. 

    Undiscovered tiles will be displayed in black: to reveal the map, the player must move their units by increasing their field of view from their initial position.

    Each unit has its own field of view, this affects the visibility not only of the tiles to be discovered, but also of the opponents who are making their moves as you approach them.

    Whenever you join a new nation, the visibility of the map restarts in a reduced version from the tile on which it is placed. 

    The map is navigable via the side arrow buttons at the edges of the scene inside the game area, but also clicking on the navigator to go to a point or the coordinates bar.