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    Ducklization is a turn-based game.

    Each nation has its own turn that always lasts 2 minutes. 

    Between one nation’s turn and another, there is a brief pause in which the server processes the information recorded during the turn and interfaces with the blockchain.

    Some actions (moving one’s own units, attacking opposing units, founding and validating a city) are possible only during one’s own turn.

    Other actions require the start of the next turn (of opposing nations) to be completed and displayed. 

    The passing of time is an integral element of the game. 

    Game rewards are distributed each day that change the game’s set-up. 

    In addition, recruiting units and constructing cities or buildings takes time, a factor that affects strategies and game dynamics.

    The total number of fights, moves, or similar actions is also mediated by the time factor.

    The time limitation of turn duration also contributes to the balance of the game, for it will be impossible to perform more than a certain number of actions in a turn, regardless of one’s economic or productive power.