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    During the game you can move units but also decide to take different actions thanks to the menu that appears at the bottom of the user interface (UI) in the game area when you select a unit or a group of units on a tile.

    Within it appear 3 possible actions to take:

    • 1. MOVE (4 arrows icon)

    The “move” function is used to move troops around the map and is identified by the first button with 4 arrows.  

    Each unit moves a different number of steps depending on the type. 

    When moving a group of units of different types command the number of steps of the troop that moves the lower number of steps (e.g.: explorers / 4 steps – moved together with settlers / 2 steps – make a 2-step move dictated by the movement of settlers).

    To move one unit (or more, if they are on the same tile) you need to press the move key, then click on the map as many squares as you want to move up to the maximum of the unit’s movement points. If you want to cancel a step to correct the path, just press again on the tile of that step and you can relocate it. 

    Once the path is defined just confirm the action by pressing the green button that appears in the bottom menu, or the red button to cancel the action.

    • 2. ATTACK (swords icon) 

    The “attack” function is used to engage in a battle against units belonging to another nation. 

    Using the second button with the two swords from the actions menu, you enter the selection panel of your units and it is possible to decide how many to employ in that battle.

    At the end of the round, depending on the outcome of the battle, only the winning troop will be visible and the rewards distributed according to the number of winners.

    • 3. ESTABLISH (flag icon)

    The “establish” function is used by the settler to found a city on the map. 

    Using the third button on the menu with the flag, the city foundation panel is accessed.

    Now it is necessary to click on the tile where our settler is positioned and verify that the city is buildable. If there are no obstacles the boundaries of our city will appear. To proceed with the foundation then press the tile where our settler is positioned.

    Then a new screen appears in which to enter the name of the city and in which the type of city (from prehistoric to modern age) and its size (initially it is always of the first level – small city) is visible.

    To proceed please confirm the operation with the green button or cancel it with the red one, in the bottom menu.

    From the next turn of your nation you can and should confirm the construction of your city by clicking on the “confirm transaction” button that appears on it. 

    After confirming this transaction the construction of the city will start, which you can monitor on the “Under Construction” page.

    At the end of the construction time you will be able to claim the city and start using it in the game.