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    Nations, through their King, have the ability to recruit units such as scouts and settlers to fulfill their purpose, which is to advance the map and found cities, grow and discover new technologies. 

    Each of these units has its own features and specific function.

    In the future, nations will also have the opportunity to recruit other special units, such as heroes.

    This unit has the role of establishing cities on the map. It is an expensive, but strong, fast and very valuable troop. It is sacrificed after employment in the founding of the city.


    Move/View: 4
    Attack: 10
    Defense: 50

    Productive Power : 10

    Cost: 100 SHEG
    Generation Time: 360′

    Recruit Time (Only for the Kings): 360′

    Technology Needed:-

    This unit has the role of territory explorer and lookout. It moves very fast, and has a very wide field of vision, which makes it useful when exploring the map, but also in maintaining one’s empire. It has few attack and defense points, but because of its low cost it can still be useful, especially in the early stages of the game, due to the lack of specialized combat troops.


    Move/View: 6
    Attack: 1
    Defense: 5

    Productive Power : 0

    Cost: 1 SHEG
    Generation Time: –

    Recruit Time (Only for the Kings): 4′

    Technology Needed: –