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Concept & Mission
Decentralization of the Game
Staking and token extraction
Marketplace & NFT
Software & Graphic Engine
Dip & Role of the Community

Concept & Mission
The aim of the game is to explore the world of Ducklization and to found and prosper your nation by building cities, diplomatic and commercial relations and by discovering new lands and technologies. The game’s economy is based on the SHEG deflationary token which is produced by all nations through Waves Ducks and cities across a staking mechanism regulated by a smart contract.
The game was developed on the Waves blockchain to help develop and sustain its ecosystem, as well as the reasons of performance, decentralization and security.
This project was also designed to raise the value of NFT Waves Ducks, which will have an additional use case and become even rarer. This will also indirectly increase the buying pressure of the EGG Token!

Decentralization of the Game
Ducklization has a completely decentralized logic, it is built on the Waves blockchain and the token is issued gradually through operations that must be carried out within the game.
The game developers will not be able to influence the game or the token issuance and, after an initial development phase, any update decision will be taken by the community via DAO.
The distribution and issuance of the token are also designed not to centralize too many coins in the hands of a few people and to keep the game fair.
Furthermore, by exploiting the Waves blockchain, each player becomes the owner of his own tokens and NFTs and contributes to the earnings that the game generates.
The game was developed for the web community and will follow the logic of the DIP (Duck Improvement Proposal) as already seen in Waves Ducks, this means that the gamers’ voices will always be heard!

The supply, division and distribution of the token have been designed to create a strong economy and keep the game as fair and decentralized as possible. Only 10 000 000 tokens have been issued and no more will be issued (Hard Cap) in order to create a deflationary economy within the game.
Most of the tokens (85%) will be locked into the smart contract and used to guarantee game and staking rewards.
5% will be used for promotions, airdrops and giveaways which will be distributed gradually and evenly over the first 2 years of the game.
Another 5% will be sold in pre-sale and only released at the start of the game with a 6 month vesting.
The last 5% is left to the team.
The token has a great use case: as any purchase within the game is made in SHEG, it exponentially boosts the purchase pressure as the number of players and the complexity of the map increase.
Furthermore, each building and troop tied to itself a part of the tokens spent in the production cost which can be conquered by the opponents in case of destruction of the unit or the building. This mechanism encourages the triggering of fights and keeps the need to play, attacking, building and producing continuously, to avoid being overwhelmed.
All of these elements are the key to make the token thrive and give the game a long life!

PLEASE READ OUR MEDIUM ARTICLE “Deep into tokenomics, staking and rewards mechanism in Ducklization” TO FULLY UNDERSTAND TOKENOMICS!

Staking and token extraction
All the Waves Ducks that join the Nation and participate in staking and the sum of all the production of the cities contribute to the issue of the coins.
The SHEG production of the ducks is given by their rarity, in a mechanism similar to Waves Ducks staking, otherwise the city production is given by its productive strength.
The total daily reward is divided equally among all the actors, taking a part of what is in the “chest of production rewards” (originally formed by 65% of game tokens).
However, the “chest of production rewards” is replenished daily with tokens derived from the purchases of units and buildings in the game.
The “in-game rewards chest” works in the same way.
The tokens spent to build anything are only partially redistributed, a part is locked in the unit and any user can steal those tokens by destroying the unit or building.
The cost of the units is redistributed to:
– 65% in the “production rewards chest”
– 10% in the “in-game rewards chest”
– 20% is tied to the unit and will only be released after the destruction of the unit it is attached to and given as a reward to the player who destroyed it
– 5% is retained by the game team to ensure the development and maintenance of the game. These percentages can be changed by the community once the DAO is activated.
To get an idea of the production costs, here is the list of some unit costs:
– Settler: 100 SHEG
– Explorer: 1 SHEG
– Warrior: 5 SHEG
– Granary (level1): 50 SHEG

Ducklization is a classic multiplayer turn-based RPG.
The main characters of the game are the Waves Ducks, who can explore, attack and defend but above all found or participate in the construction of a Nation and, consequently, in the production of SHEG.
The Nations are not predetermined, but must be founded by a duck through the discovery of one of the 10 palaces of the Nations, which are hidden within the map.
Once a Nation is founded, each player can decide to join that Nation, lending their own Waves Ducks to stake SHEG for that Nation.
Each Nation can and must improve and expand, through the search for scientific discoveries and the creation of its own settlers, units used for the construction of cities.
Cities, which do not require Waves Ducks to be created or managed, are the productive hub of the game and can raise buildings and units, also contribute to the production of SHEG.
In the game there are also special units, the heroes, which have particular and unique feature compared to normal units.
Furthermore, hidden rewards have been added to the map to encourage play-to-earn and free-to-play.

Marketplace and NFT
The marketplace is the place where users can sell or buy units.
Each unit of the game will be a NFT, there will be special characters and items, all tradable on the game marketplace.

Software and Graphic Engine
The game will be developed on Unity, flexible by nature and a standard, and released in Web-GL.
It will initially be released as an app on browser, in the future a dedicated app for smartphones will be made.

Dip & Role of the Community
The game will be developed with a focus on the community. The developments will be communicated and discussed with users and useful suggestions will be collected to present new Dip (Ducklization Improvement Proposal).