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7d – GAME ECONOMICS AND REWARDS (Production, Play and Combat)

    Game economics is closely related to game tokenomics ( 

    The distribution of SHEGs is derived from gaming activities. In fact, SHEGs are distributed every day in the form of game rewards and production rewards. 

    Game rewards consist of coins randomly scattered around the map, which each unit can win by simply moving over that square.

    Production rewards vary depending on which country you are in and the total units and buildings you own. The daily production prize is divided equally for all discovered nations and after that divided among the various players in each nation in proportion to their production power.

    Every kind of unit (except the explorer), every town and every building has its own production power (one town 1000 points, every other proportion 10:1 of their cost. e.g.: cost of settler 100, his production power is 10).

    Waves Ducks will also be able to participate in this process, rarity and generation will affect the productive power of each duck.

    The balance of the nation is the King’s expendable money. With that money the King can recruit units (settlers and explorers) to be offered for sale in the market of the nation. Only players belonging to that Nation can buy these units. 

    With the money of the nation, the King is also able to discover technologies. 

    When a player finds a Ducknation and becomes its King, he also finds a starting fund, which is then replenished by unit purchases made by players from that nation.

    Your total locked SHEG is the amount of SHEG attached to all the units, cities and buildings you own (remember tokenomics? every time you create a unit, some of the money you spend stays tied to the units until its death. If someone destroys that unit, they will receive that share of SHEG).

    Unclaimed SHEG is the total unclaimed income from treasures collected on the map, battles, and production.