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    In the menu outside the game area, at the header, we find icons linking to different screens:

    • MARKETPLACE (shop icon): In this screen you can manage the sale or purchase of your units. Here you can view the attributes and value of each unit and do a search with capabilities filters
    • UNDER CONSTRUCTION (hourglass icon): This screen displays all the assets under construction requested by the player (units, cities, and buildings) that can be claimed at the end of the countdown indicated in the clocks. The nation’s assets under construction (technologies and recruited units) are visible in this screen only by the King and follow the same process.
    • BACK TO GAME (map icon): Through this button you can return to the game when you are viewing other screens.
    • MANAGE YOUR EMPIRE (nation monument icon): With this button you access the screen to manage your Ducknation, either in the King role or as an ordinary player. Here you can see the nation’s updated budgets, your funds and earnings, discovered treasures, recruit (King only) and buy units, discover technologies (King only), nation cities founded and technologies discovered.
    • NOTIFICATIONS (golden envelope icon): Through this tool, notifications related to the player’s game outcomes can be displayed, e.g., treasure finds on the map, tide of battles, etc. are notified.