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If you want to know how to start playing, check our easy guide to start playing >>>>HOW TO START A NEW GAME<<<<

The Ducklization adventure started on June 30th!
What’s it about? Let’s try to understand it step by step.

This is the first mmo rpg turn-based crypto / defi / play-to-earn game on the Waves network, the starting of the project has been divided into 2 phases:

  • In the first phase players are allowed to access the TestNet, are able to try out the game in advance and collaborating to improve it. At the moment it isn’t possible to participate in Ducklization with WavesDucks, this feature will be added in the future.
  • The second phase will coincide with the launch of the MainNet and the start of the actual game. With the launch of the MainNet, all previous contest prizes and promotions will also be gradually released.

PHASE 1 – TestNet Game (started on june, 30th 2022)

To join Phase 1 you need a TestNet Wallet, you can provide it through Waves Keeper or at

Since now you will have the opportunity to play within the TestNet, exploring the map, creating cities, leading nations, raising armies and buildings!

You will be able to access the game trough the PLAY button of the main menu in the website.

The first phase of TestNet coincide with the unlocking of Shegs, the tokens purchased in the pre-sale, and the distribution of the additional Shegs to the participants of the private pre-sale.

In this first moment of the game, the tokens destined for game rewards (613Sheg / day) will be accumulated day by day until the start of the MainNet.

At the conclusion of the TestNet these SHEG will be redistributed proportionally to the balance sheets of the wallets that participated in this first phase.

To participate in the TestNet phase, you must join the Ducklization Telegram channel and contact the @ducklization_help account to be included in the list of testers, and provide both a TestNet wallet address (you can create it with Waves Keeper or via link: ), as well as a MainNet address. You will get 10 SHEG (TestNet) to start playing!

All new users will be added gradually, at the discretion of the team.

TestNet Rules:

1. The game and the rules of the game can change in any way, at any time, without any warning… it’s a test phase!

2. The players’ Sheg balances will not be affected by any game changes, but it will be possible to lose troops, buildings, properties.

3. Upon first access to the TestNet, all the players who join Ducklization Telegram Channel and report themselves, receive 10 Sheg (TestNet).

4. Each player can increase his balance of Sheg (TestNet), as well as with the game actions, by purchasing them with Sheg (MainNet).
Every 1 Sheg (MainNet) spent, entitles you to 10 Shegs (TestNet).
To proceed with the operation, a specific script must be invoked (see the Guide at the end of the article).

5. There may be additional rewards for particular game tasks (for example: discovering bugs, playing a long time, playing particularly well, giving brilliant suggestions, etc…), but they will not be declared in advance.

6. At the end of the test phase, players will receive the Shegs (MainNet) accumulated during the TestNet phase. Part of these tokens will be given as a prize to the most brilliant players!

You can also purchase additional Sheg at

PHASE 2 – MainNet Game (after about 2 months of Phase 1)

When the Team evaluated the test phase out, the switch with the MainNet took place, on last day of September, and this gave birth to the real game.

In this phase, the various rewards to be distributed for the contests held in the pre-launch phase of the game have been gradually unlocked.

Guide – how to buy Sheg (TestNet) via Sheg (MainNet):

go to:

1. Make sure you have :
– Sheg (MainNet) – you can buy them at
– Some Waves (less than 0.01) for the invocation of the script of the Smart Contract.
2. Sign in connecting your wallet (MainNet)
3. Enter your wallet address (TestNet) in the “String” field and attach the Sheg you want to purchase to the payment
4. Click on “Invoke” and then confirm the transaction

… Every 5 minutes the Smart Contract verifies payments and sends funds over the TestNet network.

Enjoy the game!