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February 2023 Report

    Here we are again for the monthly report, this time on what was developed in February and what’s new in the upcoming month!

    The just passed month of Valentine’s seemed like a good opportunity to show the endless love for SHEG, the game token launched exactly one year ago, so why not involve players in a contest for this first anniversary? We have raffled off SHEG equal to 50% of those purchased by players as of Feb. 14, plus for an additional prize, a contest of content posted on social networks has been held, who will win?

    In the meantime, the game is progressing flawlessly and currently no more bugs are being encountered thanks to constant work by the development team, which has been doing its best to check and fix any glitches or problems with each report, keeping the state of the game running smoothly.

    In addition, the team is already working to develop the new technologies that will be released next month! So we can foretell that there will be upgrades in the Ducklization adventure very soon! Are you curious?

    Stay tuned and keep showing your love, #buysheg!