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January 2023 Report

    Hey! Here we are again after the vacations ready to start the year with project development planning and our usual monthly update on Ducklization-related advancements.

    Last year ended with the resolution of various issues, from bugs in the game to pending awards from old contests after collecting some data that was unfortunately lost due to a change in the team in the previous months.

    We also launched a contest, but we decided to cancel it as it was too cumbersome: up for grabs were bonuses in SHEG for new users with the purpose of bringing in new players and founding cities but some users took advantage of the bonuses without doing the tasks, so in order to protect the real players interested in the game and counteract the squandering of SHEG, the contest was stopped.

    In the meantime, we have agreed with the developers on upcoming updates useful for the evolution of the game, which will be released in the form of technologies:

    – Succession to the throne (needed Code of war level 3): The role of the king becomes hereditary, every week the king of the nation will be changed. It also enables users’ nation change.

    – Defensive Techniques (needed Throne Succession): Enables the creation of phalanxes, units with high defensive power.

    – Offensive Techniques (needed Defensive Techniques): Enables the creation of centurions, units with high offensive power.

    – Ballistic Techniques (required Offensive Techniques): Enables the creation of archers, units that can attack from a distance.

    – Navigation Techniques (Required Ballistic Techniques): Enables the creation of triremes, units that can move over sea tiles.

    A new community contest will also be released in the coming weeks, which will aim to expand the pool of players and introduce the game to as many people as possible.

    We are also organizing AMAs, interviews and meetings with various communities; the list of upcoming meetings will be made public in the coming weeks.

    A promotional campaign via ADS on social media is also in the making, scheduled to start in conjunction with the release of upcoming technologies.

    Stay tuned! #buysheg