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Project report – moving on!

    Hello to the entire community,
    once again we would like to update you on the decisions made following the latest briefings regarding the fate of the project.

    First of all, we are considering on which network to transfer the development of our projects as previously communicated, including the rebrand/update of Ducklization. In this regard we are also considering whether to use the BTC network via BRC-20 tokens, but certainly our projects will be developed with ETH network support. However, a special eye in development will be on cross-chain interoperability and new technologies, e.g., integration/interaction with AI.

    Given this imminent and conspicuous transformation, the team will also change its name, as several figures within Waves (the chat mod, the elements of the team that were supposed to promote Waves, and those who helped write the design and code) will no longer take part in the project, and some departments will be reassorted.

    In the meantime, the team will go ahead with its projects, which are far more articulated than just recovering the Ducklization code: we want to focus on defi projects and the creation of a portal i.e., a kind of “arcade on blockchain.” You will have new information soon!

    Also aware of the discontent created by the disaster we have suffered, the team will try to reimburse sheg holders (current hodlers, a screenshot will be captured in the coming weeks) and initial investors (those who participated in the presale, both private and public) via airdrop of tokens from the new projects.

    With the arrival of the summer season, part of the team will go on vacation, so some work may be slow, but we will continue to work steadily throughout the summer and will be available to update and exchange views with you as we have done so far. Please be patient and stay tuned as new reports will follow. Once again, we thank you for your support!

    The Ducklization Team