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Project report – what happened to Ducklization

    Dear members of our community,

    We are here today to announce news that is very difficult for us to communicate.

    A year and a half ago our journey began, loaded and hopeful in the Waves project and after much work and commitment, we are forced to make some decisions reluctantly due to a series of force majeure problems that we would like to explain and share with you.

    We started at a time when the world economy was not having a good time, hit hard on several fronts starting with wars, pandemic and inflation.

    In spite of this, the game is launched with a small budget and the roadmap respected in all its points, carrying out in a short time all the steps of a project whose phases generally take a lot of time and funds, including a testnet period and the multiple fine-tuning to get to the final phase launched only 9 months after the start.

    We went through all sorts of difficulties in this year and a half of the project including the bear market whereby the value of our assets gradually fell, and the attack on decentralized stable coins including Waves’ USDN in which we had invested most of our capital and employed in transactions.

    The resulting fall of the crypto market and the Waves currency had a direct and very significant impact on our project. This caused a decrease in both revenue and the value of our budget, making it at one point impossible to carry out the operations and maintenance of the Ducklization project. We then ran into a number of organizational and operational difficulties. 

    In the meantime, we encountered problems with the payment gateways at the ethereum bridge, which caused first a delay and then a total halt in the processing of transactions addressed to the development team, resulting in the loss of funds and a debt status to them. This created further financial and logistical difficulties bringing us to our knees relative to the development and continuation of the project carried out up to that point!

    Lastly, our CEO had some family and health problems that kept him busy during these months. Although he has remained behind the scenes since that time, he has continued to administer and follow up with the team and seek solutions and troubleshooting along with the help of DuckliQueen who was assisting the community in direct contact while doing so.

    We are deeply sorry for this situation that keeps us at a standstill and does not allow us to continue and we would like to thank all the members who have supported us during this year and a half full of satisfaction but also difficulties. We are honored to have you as part of our community, and we thank you for your loyalty and support and for making Ducklization a participatory and much appreciated game.

    We hope you understand the difficulty of the situation and please continue to follow us for any future updates.

    In this regard, we would like to leave the Telegram channel open and available to the community for any possible dialogue and discussion, and attempt together with you in solving the problem (possible crowdfunding or collective help request to the Waves team).

    Thank you again for your support and understanding.


    The Ducklization Team