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Project report – what to do now?

    Dear Community Members,
    Here we are with a new update on the fate of Ducklization.
    Following what has happened (details of which can be viewed in the previous report), we have been racking our brains to find a way to unblock the situation but since it is not up to us, we always find ourselves with our hands tied.
    In the past few days, we have therefore reluctantly communicated the suspension of the project while leaving the dialogue open with the community.
    After talking with you and gathering various feedback including more or less valid and viable ideas, the team has decided that the best thing to do to preserve what has been done so far can only be to move from the Waves network to migrate the project under new guise, on a new network.
    As anticipated, the porting of Ducklization will take place through a fundraiser because the operation has high costs, the only avenue of funding at this time in which we have all lost our investments and funds. Once completed, the team, which will also continue to work on new projects, will reserve the right to airdrop these projects to Ducklization investors.
    In any case, we will continue to monitor the situation of Waves, and if it is resolved in the future we may make use of the blocked funds to augment new projects.
    Next week we will communicate details about these new procedures put in the schedule, in the meantime we invite the community to support us because we have many new ideas and we see the end of the bear market giving us hope for the success of new projects.

    Stay tuned,
    the Ducklization Team