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Project report – New projects announcement

    Hello to the entire community,

    during this period we have continued to work hidden from the spotlight to achieve the recovery and reworking of our projects. 

    We have continued to monitor the situation in waves – unfortunately at the moment the whole ecosystem is still suffering so much from the depeg of usdn (now xtn) -, funds for developers are still frozen and it is not known when they will be released to settle payments.  

    We have also tried to figure out how to access waves DAO to get refinancing for the project, but we currently find too much confusion and discontent within the community to think about accessing such facilities. 

    If anyone is interested in helping us in this regard, we would be glad to consider your suggestions. 

    Unfortunately, until this situation changes the Ducklization project will remain frozen, in the meantime we will launch crowdfunding to revive the project on net waves.

    To revive the project we will need to raise a minimum of $30,000 (payment to developers, server, restoration, update of new features), but at least $50,000 would be desirable so that the release of new features and a more substantial update can be integrated into the relaunch. This would be a possible relaunch solution, but obviously, after what has happened, we hope to receive due support (also in terms of funds) from the waves team in order to be able to get the right visibility.

    In the meantime, the part of the team that never abandoned the project decided to continue developing video games on blockchain, as the results obtained with the previous project were satisfactory and there are many ideas to be developed, which were already in the pipeline for some time. The new team will be called “Mad Games Society” and will have the mission of bringing fun games, with a sound and deflective tokenomic, on blockchain, trying to use the most widely used standards (eth network) and encouraging interoperability between blockchains as much as possible. 

    In this regard we are also working on a collection of exclusive nfts that will be useful for accessing upcoming games in preparation!

    In the coming weeks the website and roadmap of the project will be introduced…brace yourselves, many surprises are coming!

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